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Technology advancement have affected every major sector in our world today, from school to hospitals, social media, weapon of mass destruction or defenses etc. The communication sector wasn't overlooked as well because from the look of things, it's not the kind of gadgets we had 20 years ago as a means for communicating are still what we have today.

Before now, most android or smartphone makes use of removable batteries but in looking at making things more interesting for users, the production teams as well as developers now embarked on producing smartphone with inbuilt batteries. These devices with inbuilt batteries seems to have more battery power than the removable battery smartphone. It helps the mobile phone not take in too much dust particles from continuous opening and removing of the battery, as we all know that dust affects the over all performance of any phone, laptop or electronic devices.

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I remember having phones with removable batteries before. There are always issues not only with the batteries, but Sim Cards and Memory Cards as well. They didn't really last that long causing me to buy new parts. Technology advancement in general is beneficial for us and I am all for it. It's just that sometimes the "New Features" they add gets more and more absurd. Remember Samsung’s Smart Scroll? The face-tracking feature that scrolled pages automatically when your eyes trailed near the bottom of the page? Because a phone that tracks your every minuscule movement is exactly what people want.


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I think one of the reasons why a built in battery is a next step on smartphone manufacturing is because of space, material and money;). Space because normally we have a great space for the battery compartment. Imagine a more compact space but a more high capacity power.

Material because modifying a battery could mean using different material to compensate with the change. Like weight, Heat tolerance, and of course efficiency.

One of technologies long time problem is battery life....that' s why innovations are being made to prolong it. From Nickle Cadium, Lithuim Polymer and the famous Lithium ION. Batteries are getting smaller and more high capacity as the search for the ultimate battery goes on:eek:.
One of the most promising battery technology is what they call Lithium-Air or Li-Air. Although it is still on a testing stage it is really cool.

You can check the article here:

Lastly its also about money....Battery sales are one revenue that manufacturers look for. Unfortunately there are what they call Non OEM's . OEM's (original equipment manufacturer) are basically where you should by spare parts or consumables for your phone. Non-OEM's are manufacturers that basically produces the same specifications of a product which can be use on a particular brand but on a lower price. Of course if you use this non OEM's products. The OEM revenue is compromised.

Now if these batteries are builtin i'm pretty sure non OEM's will have a problem. :giggle: Have a good day guys....
It is really nice to know that the battery power of phones with built-in batteries has increased but as a fellow user of a device with built in battery I did find a little issue using it, like for example if there was one time my battery was damaged and since it has a built-in battery i had to take it to the tech support for the repairs and well the tech support office was really far away from my place so had to spend additional expenses for my travel. But if my phone has a removable battery i could just easily buy the same type of battery and problem solved, no need for additional travel expenses.
Actually built-in batteries in mobile phones has two purpose, one is for protecting your devices from dust and second is for waterproofing witch I believe is the main purpose why almost all of the tech companies now produce smartphones with built-in batteries. Because it's a new technology then it is an easy sale for them and who would not buy a smartphone that can take photos underwater or perhaps can make a call underwater (if possible)?


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I think the only problem about the built in battery, is when your phone log or hang up. you don't know how to turn it off. and you just wait for your phone battery to get drain.
There are ways to full reboot your mobile phone when every time it hangs. For example in iPhone, if you want to full reboot your iPhone simply press home button and power button at the same time and wait for it to turn on (when the iphone logo appears) before you release.
With more and more features being added into newer versions of smartphones, which require more battery power, the next step is logically to improve battery life of the smartphone. One way of doing that is by using larger batteries in the phones (which has been the trend for a few years) but then as you may have noticed, we went from smaller phones into bigger phones per newer version, and so making the built-in batteries which last longer without putting on the added bulk is the step in the right direction.
What else can smartphone do? I can see that everything is so advanced. Or is it really an advanced technology? I doubt it. But advance or not, we are in a world where technology is doing the majority of the things we should do manually. I can see a robot doing things that were supposed to be us. A smartphone is indeed keeping up with the latest technology (in my opinion).
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