Scratches on Phones?

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Does the screen of your phone have scratches? Because mine does. It looks like this but worse.

I searched for phone hacks and found this.

Just look at the thumbnail. It amazed me! Simple scratches and cracks can be resolved with toothpaste, right? WRONG. I already tried this and it just worsened the surface of my phone. It didn't get more scratches though. The thing is you can't remove a scratch, you can only grind the unscratched areas till it levels with scratched areas. This results in having an even surface and having the 'no scratch' look. But of course, I'm not a glass expert so if you have some ways to eliminate scratches, please comment down below.
Really? I really don't believe this life hack. It's suggesting the crack is a stain, but we all know better. In my opinion the best remedy is to buy a screen protector, when you buy your phone and not to buy a phone that has a reputation of cracked screens like a techno. Buy a Microsoft, Samsung or an I phone. They all have a reputation for durability.
I don't really believe this hack even though I know that many people shared it. I would need to try it out to be sure but it just doesn't make sense in my opinion. Why not just invest in the phone foils, that can protect it well from scratching? :)


in my opinion, life hack videos are click baits and addictive. They are very entertaining and convenient, but It does not work all the time. It's still better to have a screen protector or check your local cell repair shop for advice.


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If its too good to be true, you probably shouldn't believe it :). Although there are instances that these so called life hacks have some science into it.
About that scratch fix using toothpaste , it is somehow true.. Like everybody else i got curious and i tried it.:geek:
First i tried it on a mirror... apply a little on the mirror and tried the karate kid thing (wax on-wax off)...:Dapplying it with a piece of cloth in a circular motion. After a couple of minutes, the results are really good... the mirror shines and also stains and dents disappeared.

But what about scratches? I tried applying the same procedure on an old damaged tablet, looks like its a lost for the toothpaste..

Although i must say that small scratches really disappeared like magic..but the annoying one's didn't really have any improvements..

Why is that? I did a little research, and found some answers from Wikipedia. I searched for the ingredients of toothpaste and found this..

One thing that caught my eye is abrasives....and there is my answer.
When applying toothpaste on surface it is actually smoothing the surface, using micro abrasives. Just like sandpaper on a piece of plywood. This means that the toothpaste scratch removal on screen is somehow true but in a micro level...So big scratches and cracks + toothpaste is equal to= waste of time!:p but small scratches, dents and stain + toothpaste = winner:eek:. Also toothpaste have other ingredients like baking soda & fluoride that helps clean & shines glass .. :giggle:
Like the saying says prevention is better than cure. For you to prevent scratches on your smartphone screen you should always use tempered glass or screen protector. If there is no tempered glass produced for your phone, you can always buy a bigger screen protector and just cut it in accordance to the shape and size of the screen of your phone.
On the other hand, with regards to toothpaste removing the scratches on your phone I think you did it the wrong way. I think this link can help you.
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I've also tried a lot of DIY videos in YouTube and it seems most of them are just made to gain views and make money. That's why I stopped watching DIY videos.

My suggestion to you is if you have a new phone be sure to get a screen protector laminate so that your phone screen won't get scratched or damaged.
I tried Putting Tempered Glass to my phone that has scratches, The scratches on my phone was covered by the tempered Glass, But for me you should Go and Buy tempered Glass or a simple screen protector at the moment that you bought you new phone to avoid ugly/unwanted scratches :)



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Mine has a broken glass and I just apply a tempered glass screen to avoid injury on my fingers. This scratches is not an issue to me cause if I open my phone, the scratches are not too much visible.
Almost everyone of us had experienced scratching our smartphones. This is caused either of our recklessness on how we store our smartphones or by a simple accidents. Now a days, there are ways to prevent your smartphone from having scratches. The most famous why do it is to use a screen protector, it's a piece of plastic that you stick over the screen of your smartphone to prevent any scratches for happening. Or we just need to be more careful on how we store our smartphone.
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