Samsung J2 Prime Galaxy user?

Hi. I'm a J2 Prime Galaxy user. I bought it at cheaper price. The sad thing is the front camera is not good and clear as the rear camera. It has 8GB memory and the problem is my phone always notifying me that it's lacking of memory and I have to delete any file to give it a space. It also notify me that any application will possibly not to function due to memory lack. You can buy it at it's cheap price but some of it's features will not make you satisfied.
The J2 Prime performed well for the usual tasks such as web browsing, social media, and watching YouTube videos. And while I didn’t run into any issues when switching between running apps, a bit more RAM would’ve been nice.
There’s only 8GB of internal storage by default, which translates to around 4GB of space for your apps and files, so I suggest investing on a MicroSD card. Still, they could’ve put in at least 16GB here.
J2 Prime is not so bad. Its features are not complicated to understand. The thing is that, this one keeps on hanging up. I also experienced automatic shut down probably because of the low storage. I use to try new applications on phone to see which could be better to use. But its not gonna work for J2 due to low storage it has.
I used J2 Prime as my smartphone too. I don't encounter any problems with it in the first month but as you said I also face problems in limited space storage. I would love to install a lot of applications but the device cannot handle all those apps, even though I used micro sd to move all my files there. It will always indicate to uninstall some apps to replace it. So I ended up using only the important applications. But all in all I'm satisfied in it's features except to it's space storage.
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