Xiaomi 2.0 Body Fat Scale - Drinking A Glass Of Water Can Also Be Accurately Perceived


Aug 3, 2018
Xiaomi 2.0 intelligent body fat scale adopts advanced BIA technology and stainless steel electrode, which can measure your body weight accurately and quickly. It can measure 13 of body data, such as body weight, bone mass, body water, muscle mass, basic metabolism, fat rate, visceral fat level, etc., all data will be displayed clearly on a simple and intuitive interface. The Bluetooth function allows you to upload data in real-time, enabling you to continuously track changes to your body indexes.

Product Features:
● Ultrathin design with slim body, can be stored anywhere.
● Hidden LED screen, when you weigh yourself, the number will appear clearly.
● The round corner and big foot mat to ensure your safety.
● ABS material is durable, hard but not crisp, resistant to corrosion
● G-shaped sensor, 50g can be perceived.
● Supports switching of three units of jin, kilograms and pounds for easy reading.
● Highly accurate BIA chip, one weighing to analyze 13 physical data: body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, moisture rate, protein rate, visceral fat grade, basal metabolism, bone mass, physical age, ideal body weight, body type, and health score.
● Two kinds of avenue, the static state weighs an object, the dynamic state weighs a person.
● Body balance test, close your eyes and stand on the scale to know your ability to balance.
● Low energy Bluetooth 5.0, 4 batteries can be used for 12 months.
● Support for 16 person data records, and guest mode does not retain others' data.
● Use the science fitness tutorial of Xiaomi Sports App to customize the training courses to help you lose weight and shape your body.

A common question: "I have the same height and weight as Haris,
why he look much leaner than me?" The body fat rate is the standard
to determine you are fat or thin, this comprehensive Xiaomi body fat scale allows for in-depth analysis of physical health, helps you fully understand your body: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-2-0-body-fat-scale.html

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