Xiaomi Roborock S55 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Gives Dirt No Chance


Aug 3, 2018
The Roborock S55 robotic vacuum cleaner is a highly intelligent home cleaning device improved with 2 in 1 sweep and mop. You can not only sweep the floor but also polish your floor with the mopping pad.

Product Features:
● 2 in 1 sweep and mop, double cleaning.
● Intelligent route planning, laser distance sensor (LDS) allows the robot to scan surroundings at 360 degrees to set the cleaning path.
● Three-dimensional vacuum cleaning system empowers super cleaning.
● APP remote control to customize cleaning area, check the sweep status in real time, set automatic schedules, etc.
● 5200mAh large capacity battery ensures 2.5 hours cleaning for a house of 250 square meters in full charge.
● 2000Pa super suction can absorb all the wastes all in a sudden.
● E11-grade washable and replaceable filter, blocking dust impurities, avoiding secondary pollution of indoor air.
● Plant bionic wet mop system, continuous wet mopping for 45 - 60 minutes.
● 2cm obstacle climbing capability, cope with the complex environment of home and walk freely like a flat.
● 2mm rubber bumper, 4 anti-drop stair sensors, intelligent identification carpet, adapt to a variety of complex environments.
● Virtual wall accurate identification, prevents the robot from crossing.
● Drawer type water tank, easy disassembly and quick installation.
● Automatic recharge, continue to clean the house, will not get lost.
● Careful noise reduction design, fully fitted with closed silencer cotton, quietly clean.

Compared to the previous model, Roborock S55 is more efficient and faster, with improved battery capacity, all these make it stand out. Rororock S55 seamlessly navigates room to room to clean without any omission, recharges and resumes until the clean is done. Get it and dirt will not stand a chance: https://gearvita.com/roborock-s55-smart-robotic-vacuum-cleaner.html

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