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With the increased rate at which quality smartphone cost skyrocket lately, it's very important to always use your smartphone with some protective accessories that would prevent it from damaging easily either from a fall on the hard floor or into water.

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Personally, there are two smartphone protective accessories I simply cannot do without in using my android phone, and they are glass screen protector and condom pack. These two accessories have saved my phone from multiple damages I could ever recall. The latest one it did help me with was preventing my phone from getting soaked up wet when it fell into water a couple of weeks back. It was the condom pack that saved my phone.
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I hardly ever drop my smartphone. Maybe once every 3 months, but not more than this, and it usually drops when I'm seated, when it's already closer to the ground, unlike when I'm standing and walking around.

Still, I always buy a case for my smartphones. It usually doesn't cost more than $30, which is about 10% of the smartphones I buy. I gladly pay that bit more to ensure that my smartphone doesn't break on day 1 because someone wants to take a look at it and it slips. And with my current case, I can even check the time without having to flip the front side open, the case is half-transparant, and pressing the ON button of my phone, I can see the time, which ensure water resistance from rain when I'm on the road.
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