Dangers of excessive charging and using of smartphone while it's plugged

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It's a good thing to always have your phone charged because it's the only way the phone gets useful to you, but how one goes about charging and using the phone is something to be carefully done. For security reasons and health as well, it's not appropriate to use the phone while it's plugged in for charging. Anything can go wrong at such point in time which might be catastrophic.

I have read in articles where some phones blew up from charging and using it at the same time and also a girl getting seriously injured when she was sleeping with her phone placed on her chest while it's charging. Please avoid excessive charging of phones as well as using it while it's charging.

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Gosh! I literally can't live without my phone at hand. I always carry and use it even when I am charging. I just can't help it!! You know that feeling that you always want to check your facebook, twitter or Ig.. When you got new games to play or movies to watch then suddenly your battery goes off and you can't help it and then there you go, using your phone while charging. That's me! Omg, thanks for posting this I just might stop using my phone while charging. Thanks a lot!
Oh! That was a very creepy one. Now I got to lessen my charging time. I used to charge my phone beside me whenever I sleep. So i guess i got it overcharged almost every night. Thanks for that warning. It will help me a lot to take care of my battery. :D
Hi, I'm from Philippines, Using your Phone while Charging is Very bad not only for the phone itself But also For the Battery, Another scary Happening here in my place is when a music loving teenager plays music while he wears ear buds, he suffered electric shock because of the earbuds based on the Doctors diagnosis, "Using it while Charging" is only applicable to Laptops Because you can use it even if there is no battery, This method for laptops can even make the battery's life even longer. Use your devices with safety precautions everyone. :)
It is a must that before we use our gadgets, we should seek it's guidelines for proper usage as well. It includes correct process and practices in order to extend and preserve the life-span of your devices. And the last time I check, using your phone during charging is not advisable. Besides that it is dangerous, it is not good for your health as well in terms of vibrations. Screenshot_20180201-194629.jpg

On the other hand, the use of its original chargers should be kept in mind. There are numerous kinds of universal chargers but only those chargers that the company supplies you is the safest one to use. One of the reasons I see why cellphones exploded during charging is because the charger that was used is off-brand chargers. Counterfeited or off-brand chargers are low in quality and poorly made thus it makes you and your gadgets at risk. For your safety, used geniune chargers created solely for your device. Take in consideration as well that the voltage and ampere requirements of any devices differs. The cord may fit perfectly but its specification does not. So be very precautious about it.

I am studying myself the other stuff concerning the functionality of my cellphone and by discovering what's good and what's not, I can used it fully to my advantage in a safest possible way
I have seen posts on my FB regarding this issue of using a phone while charging. It is really a dangerous way to use our phone while charging. I made it a habit to unplug my phone when I need to use it urgently even if it's not yet fully charged. A friend of mine who is a computer engineer once told me that a laptop that is always plugged in is alright though for safety's sake I need AVR to plug while charging, and then he goes on to say that phones are a different matter because they are not designed to be that way. They should not be used while charging especially when a power supply is not stable. So, since then I would always unplug my phone if I need it.

Recently, I have been informed about phones and Internet/Wifi risk. It is that when we go to sleep, it is better to switch off our phones and Internet when not in use. It is a risk for our health especially when we are sleeping in a room where the router/internet is on. Check it on Youtube:

The video is actually about a research conducted by "A Danish science experiment by a group of 9th-graders". It is good to be safe and healthy.
Honestly, I often use my phone even if it's charging. My battery easily drains due to its low mAh rating hence I frequently charge my phone. But after reading, it sounds the alarm for me to be cautious with my device.
I have been using my phone while it is charging and nothing happens. Over-charging is a myth. Using your mobile phone while charging is also a myth. Usually exploding batteries and burning mobile phones while charging is due to battery damage or improper charging. Good thing is that there is nothing wrong believing in myths and putting them in action. We usually read the saying "better safe than sorry."
Charging your phone while using it enhances the size of your phone’s battery. There are warnings like "do not overcharge your mobile phone. Unplug it from the charger after it reaches 100%. Don’t leave it charging overnight. Or else." One of the simplest effects would be leading to a decrease in the total battery charge capacity of your Smartphone, because exposing the battery to trickle charges repeatedly over time will shorten its life span. The worst scenario that can happen is, it will cause your phone to explode.
I have some input on that.
Using phones when charging is okay as long as the charger your using is the original charger of the phone and its okay if the phone you are charging is not a cheap knockoff. Over charging is the same, if the phone and charger are original even if you left your phone charging for 10 days no harm be done. Because simply put. The phones are designed to stop charging if it's battery is full.

The main reason behind burning and exploding phones are people buying uncertified fake phones, chargers and batteries. Second reason is the outlet is grounded.

Phones and Chargers have gone through and passed strict safety tests so that it can be sold to the market.

The culprit here are those buying and selling knockoffs.
I had a friend who was taken to the hospital in 2014, his Android phone died and he needed to charge it and while charging there was a call and he answered it and suddenly his Android phone cracked on his face and only good his condition was not too serious. And thank you very much to God and he is alive today. so we take care to use our devices especially our devices.


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Oh my god thank you for the information. I occasionally use my phone listening to music while charging it. Now that I've heard what happen to your friend I will stop doing it starting today. I always heard this thing and my mom always nag me about this but I don't lessen to her because music is life for me and I always listen to music before I sleep.
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