New computer or used one, quick review


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New / Used?

One of the benefits that you have when you make a computer yourself is the ability to buy used components. Unlike buying a second car, a mobile phone, a washing machine, when buying used components, the risk, basically, does not exist.
The washing machine has movable parts, habs, it consumes, it needs a regular service. The car is the same. The previous owner of the mobile may have thrown him, maybe it was falling, etc. ...
The computer components do not wear out, they do not fall in performance over time, and the chance to break down does not increase.

Practical example: You planned to allocate 90$ for a graphics card, new graphics cards at this price ranking are not so strong that your new games will work properly. Instead of a new, that can be weaker weaker, you can buy some of the stronger graphics cards past or pre-generate a generation that is still in warranty and go much better than if you bought a new one.

When buying used components, pay attention to the warranty period, i.e. when the component is purchased and for as many months as the warranty applies. If up to the expiration of the warranty you have one more year or more, you can buy this component without thinking. Personally, all the components I've got are used (processor, cooler, memory, graphics card).
The only component I would never buy used is a hard drive.
Regarding this issue , I prefer to buy always the new one but this video really helps me t orealize the difference between and things to consider regarding buying a NEW or Used computer parts


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I understand your stance but this text game some good points about buying used parts of a computer and put it all together to have a new one.
Well, I would too go for a new one, but if you are budged limited, you have to choose used parts of old computer to form a new one and sometimes you do not have a choice.
Joey Mercado
Yes I agree with you in short we can buy new one but sometimes old ones quality are better with the new one. Isn't it?


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Depends if the owner is careful.
Try to get used parts from people that actually know how to handle them.
Of course, money plays a vital role, I would, too, go with a new one if I can afford it, but sometimes you are forced to get used ones and when you do, try to find as best as possible.
Hi, I agreed with you that we can find the cheaper price with the same as quality of brand new computers. We just have to be patient to look for that in our local market or we can get it from online like Amazon site. Some of the local markets and even online markets when they do sell a refurbished computer/desktop it also include a 1-year warranty, not bad at all right? And if you have the skills to check the spares of the computer it will be an added factor that you can discuss the price between you and the seller.
I get your point in this one especially if you’re on budget wise situations and the components are this fully functional. Of course why buy a new one if you can still used the other components right.
But on my own opinion I would still choose to buy a new one since there is guarantee that it will last longer than the used ones. I respect your opinion on this but I can’t agree with your statement on “the computer components do not wear out, they do not fall in performance over time and the chance to break down does not increase. Based on my personal experience sparring other components and combining them with the new ones they wear out of performance and affects the new ones based on experience.


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You are right, but my statement was based on my experience.
I never had problems with components because I took good care about them and had some good sales.
Used good things can be a lot cheaper then new ones and if they are taken care of, there will be no difference between time, but you can save a lot of money.
I prefer to buy new one because you are not sure if you old ones if the components there are still working or defective at all. You still need to replace defective parts of old one because it will not effectively if you do not replace it's part. So why choose old one if you need replace it in the future. The money you use this is the same as you buy new ones.


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It always depends on the shop where you plan to buy your used computer. Some places have great used computers, because some of them haven't even been used, they were just ordered, delivered, and returned because it wasn't the pc they bought, or they accidently bought two, or they might have used it for a short time, like a month or so, and everything is still fine, they just returned it for some unknown reason.
But everything works perfectly fine and at a cheaper price. Although it's still a roll of the dice that you get that one amazing deal.


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If anything, return the parts that are malfunctioning and order yourself the new ones. But if you buy used components from the right store, you may end up with perfectly fine parts that have only been used once, or that haven't been used at all, because that component didn't fit the whole setup.
Good day, my view on this is if you have the budget to buy a brand new computer go for it, as it will be the best for you, advantage of this is that the unit will be under a warranty and will be easier for you in case there is a problem with the unit, the company is obliged for the repair or replacement of the unit. While buying a used unit will be much cheaper, there are pros and cons on it, pros are it is much cheaper, you can upgrade the unit base on your budget and preferred unit performance, cons are warranty might not be applicable, depends on your transaction with the seller.
I would save money and go with a new one.
I really had bad experiences with buying used parts and would not do it again.
Not if I dont have to.
Buying new one will give you guarantee and will save you a lot of headache.If your budget allows it, of course.
I will go for my old computer being upgraded one by one. Old computers are more dependable because you already know its durability rather than a new one that you don't know how long will it go.
I buy used hardware from trusted and reliable friends. Friends also give more additional discounts and I can trust them not to scam me because we all know each other well and for a long time.

I also just buy used hardware if I'm going to use it for a short period of time only. I think 5-6 months of use is good for a secondhand GPU that you bought at a great price and condition. I'll use it temporarily while saving money to buy a new one.

I'll sell it again after using it for a short time then buy myself the brand new GPU that I want. :D


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This is the only reason that I would buy used parts and devices. A friend told me a shop that's really reliable, that most of the "used" parts they sell, include a lot of unopened components, because the original buyer received or bought the wrong part, or accidently bought two, or they used it for a few days and considered it was not good enough.

All parts get a check before they're being sold again, and I trust that my friends trusts this shop, but it has to happen once, that you buy that 1 expensive component, and then breaks after a few days and the shop won't refund or compensate, because it's your fault it broke and they don't owe you anything.
To be honest, I usually call for help from my friend, last time when I bought PC, I went to him I said I want to play Skyrim on ultra make me one PC for that, same PC I have been using for last 5-6 years and I am still able to play new games, not all but 90% of them. But the PC that I had to buy was a new one ,with components that I ordered.
I bought an old laptop from my brother. He had used it before me more than 3 years after which he decided to buy a new one and I took the old one. However, if I go to the market to buy a computer or any device, then I would prefer a new one at a low budget.

The reason is that hardware is a machine that slows down gradually. Also, we never know how the owner has handled it. Mostly computers are handled roughly by the owners both in the terms of hardware and software too.

We do not know how many times the operating system might have crashed, tough, we can always have a new operating system installed. Even then, the hard disk usage and handling and so many other factors make me buy a new computer.

My brother's laptop was in good condition when I purchased it. Gradually, it started heating up like crazy making my thighs burn. Also, the DVD player stopped playing, then the keyboard stopped working. I had to put an external fan, an external keyboard and I used it for another 3 years.

Later on, it crashed completely taking away all my data. So, I purchased a budget notebook, new, and not a used one.
I prefer to keep my old computer anyways old is gold as they say ,instead of replacing the whole computer ,replace something like the PC which intends to slow because of software creep .
Another way to make your old computer new is to installing an SSD this even helps with your PC with the speed .
other reasons to keep my old laptop is that you might find that the new versions don't work as better as the old version ,the new versions tend to break fast and some fake if you don't know about computer.
I will go for both. Its really a case to case basis situation. Please don't get me wrong, I do like the justifications that I have seen from the previous posts to defend their choices. I have a combined list of new and pre-owned but pre-loved stuff in my apartment. My car is a pre-owned vehicle that I got from my very close friend. She sold it to me at a very affordable price due to her need to go abroad for a better job opportunity. Everything is in good condition and the car never give me a headache at all. Just like what we normally do before we buy new things. We used to do some research first and consult others for their opinion. Same thing goes if you need to purchase a pre-owned but pre-loved stuff.


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Isn't it so that new ones are better? When I hear 'used' I never know how long it had been used. Could've been a day or a year. It may be cheaper, but I don't want to spend money on something that could expire in any day.
If you know the person you are buying from personally, it is good. But, from my own experience, I will never buy any used computer. I have HP P6, 4th generation with me, which I bought from my friend, but it only worked for two weeks and it is now useless.
I prefer old ones. Acually what happens is that quality changes to the worst with new gadgets. Old is gold really. Don't you agree
I always go for "NEW", I might have spend more but I get what's paid for. I have full warranty of the product and I feel more secure that the product I paid for is worth my hard earned money. It's not that i don't buy used product or spare parts. It all depends on funds availability.
I have experience on buying a used PC and lasted for 4 years. However, I can't say it's a good decision as I spent a lot for the maintenance and parts. So if I calculated the principal amount I spent for buying and maintenance, I could have enough to spend for a new one. I was satisfied in a way but also disturbed during the period of using it. So now, I prefer a new one over an old or used PC.


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This is pretty much the reason why I said no, when the friend who build my pc asked me if he should buy used components, as they're cheaper and the place he buys it from is trusted that the used components are still in good condition, since most of them are pieces that were returned because it wasn't the correct piece or any other reason for returning it.

However there's always the chance that I end up with a component that turns out to not work as long as predicted, and if there's more pieces malfunctioning, I'd be spending a lot more money and stress out because my pc doesn't work.

Quality is more important than the price tag.
i would suggest you to buy a new one due to a lot of the comp[uting and clouyd copmputing are going to demand, the old would get crushed fast, aka, short product cycle life, it would make more cost rather than buying a new one.
I would prefer a new one considering the advancements in technology nowadays. Old or used computers are now facing extinction, having a hard time looking for used components that would last. If you know where to buy the good stuff for old components then that would be no problem but if you don't, then it is just a waste of money.
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