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Hi guys, i just want to share one of my article on how to repair a Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker is one of the most common devices that supports Smartphone communication. I usually use the Bluetooth speaker when i play music at home. Connecting it to our smartphone is a breeze and just a few touch away. Using it is really comfortable and flexible...i can even bring it during shower time:eek:.

Here it is guys i hope you like it...

"Keep it working"

I have a small Bluetooth speaker that was given to me by wife as a gift. I kept and store it in a safe place just to preserve it. Unfortunately when i tried to test it for my daughter's e-watch about a week ago, it sounded like a tin can.. the sound coming from it is just busted....
Power is good...Bluetooth connection is good.. the only problem is the sound coming from it..Thinking i could work this one out.. I started dissecting the poor thing...

After opening it up... i checked everything from the connectors, the PCB's and battery. All are good except for the speaker which is kind a deformed and really a mess.

Now what? buy a new speaker? nah...
Luckily a have a bunch of old laptop spare parts that i'm trying to get rid off from time to time to time ....
Now here's the plan... check a spare laptop speakers and try to use it as replacement..

Fortunately i found one from an ACER i think.. so i tried to weld it to the speaker some cutting because its too large for the speaker compartment.

Putting it all together again without breaking something. Checking the wiring and the functionality. Lastly testing it before locking the cover.

And it works! i love the sound my daughter love's it.. and the best part... i don't have to pay anything.
The lesson? don't throw a bunch of laptop parts you'll never know when you gonna need them:ROFLMAO:
Do you happen to know how to fix a speaker subwoofer that won't turn on? I have a Altec Lansing speaker that won't turn on. What happen is while I am using it, it suddenly turns off. I left it off for 1 day and after that I tried to turn it on then it turned on but after a few minutes, it turns off again and since then it never turn on again. Do you have any idea of what might cause the problem. I tried to research for tips on how to fix it but I never found any. Actually I am planning to bring it to a technician tomorrow but since I saw your post then maybe I should asked for your opinion first before I go to the repair shop.


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Hi @kaisantos2229 , as much as i want to help you. I can only comment based on what you have described. In my opinion there maybe three reasons why your speaker have power fluctuations. It may be a power regulator problem or a capacitor problem and maybe just a simple loose connection. The power regulator of a system or circuit is the one responsible in distributing the right amount of current to the components. If this current is not sufficient or greater than specified, it may be the cause of the power fluctuation. Second is the capacitor, speakers are basically small amplifiers. One of the key in sound amplification is power consistency. That is the job of the capacitor, it stores current on its bank to assure a smooth consistent power for the load. If your capacitor is not storing the specified load capacity, in other words it leaks power it might be the reason why you have power fluctuation. Lastly it may be just a simple loose connection on the line side. If one of the lines positive or negative has lost connection the circuit is not complete that is why sometimes it has power and sometimes none.

If you have basic electronics skill or knowledge, you can try and check it. You can use some basic tools like multi tester and a soldering unit. But for safety reasons i suggest you bring it to a service center.

I hope this helps:coffee:!
Hey thanks for sharing this information, I really appreciated it. I think I can fix it's all thanks for the information you shared and I really wanted to try fixing it because I want learn to how. To be honest, I tried to opened it last night and it took me an hour and half before I successfully opened it. I never really expected for a speaker so small, it is so hard to open it. I don't know if they used glue or cement to seal it, it so difficult to opened. But none the less, thanks for your tips. I really appreciated it.
You are an absolute genius my friend xD That is such a smart thing to to!
How's the sound quality of the speaker now btw? Is it better than before or is it not that great?


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Thank you @Reuben720 , anyone can do it with a little skill and determination;). About the quality of sound, yes it is much clearer. Probably because of the L & R speaker from the laptop. Before, the Bluetooth speaker only uses a single speaker to process L & R channel stereo. Now it has two speaker channels L & R that basically process the sound more clearer.

One downside is the volume, before the sound coming from mono speaker is a bit louder. Probably because the tones or sound are streamed in one speaker. But of course the higher the volume rate the more distorted the sounds get.

Over all i'm satisfied with the result....i'm glad you liked it.

Have a great day:coffee:!
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