Oppo’s Color OS is a bang!


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Hello Guys and Gals! I have a great info you might like to know.
I have been using Android OS smartphones and tablets since its inception. And what I have found out is that it eats most of your RAM and ROM storage because of the built in apps that is already installed with it and it makes your devices sluggish, not able to use it as it should be.
But Oppo’s Color OS gives you your own will to add those apps if you like it or if you don’t. It is also much faster when it loads applications, like social apps and the camera app reall runs fast with it.

Try and see now when you open your social apps like instagram, facebook, messenger, twitter and use your camera, if you see your camera like loads very long the moment that you wNt to capture is already gone.

Let me know what you think and if you have tried it already?


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I have not tried it out since i am using a Windows Phone, but i have seen it in action and i have to say it looks really good. Can't really differentiate it from Android, they look basically the same. It's a new thing on the market so i am not buying it completely until i see more reviews and longevity of that OS. I think it's too early to make a definitive statements regarding that OS, but i am definitely going to do some more research on it.

So you are saying that you like it more than Android? How did you even find out about it? :D
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