Favourite Android Launcher?

I've never felt the need to deviate far from the stock interface, but then I saw this beauty of a homescreen:

Talk about woah. The consistent aesthetic, the fascinating clock and even the minimalism... I don't really care for minimalism because I use too many apps, but it looks absolutely beautiful! To the point where I really want to give something like this a try. I know for sure that you can't achieve this with the stock LG launcher, so I was wondering what your favourite Android launchers are?

I took a look at this list and picked some contenders:
  • I really liked the introductory video for Lawnchair, so I guess I'm into that aesthetic although the Material Design look is just standard now
  • I think the Shutter functionality of Action is cool and probably useful
  • I've tried the Microsoft launcher and switched back to the stock LG interface. I honestly think I just wasn't used to the Microsoft interface and so switched back, so I might give it another try. In fact, I'll switch over now and see how I feel after a few hours!
So, what are your favourite launchers? Any advice on how I can get a coherent aesthetic, like the Space one? :) Thanks for your time and help!

edit: Alright, I played with the Microsoft launcher for a few minutes. I love the Material aesthetic of the info cards on the left. To be honest, I probably wouldn't use them that often, but I like having the possibility to use them.

I like the customisation options but would like even more if possible. I think the thing that's really turning me off this launcher, petty as it is, is the lack of a background on the weather/time widget. I can't see it if it's transparent!
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Might not be the most interesting answer, but the Nova Launcher Prime would be my choice of launcher. Clean, simple, highly customizable, smooth... It has never given me any problems and I do not regret having paid for its premium version.

That being said, I've looked at other alternatives, some of which are included in the launchers you've listed and I'd pick Microsoft Launcher as a good alternative. It's free, it's very customizable and snappy.


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As neat as they look, don't they require more energy from your phone? If they don't (or not a lot) I think I'd stick with what I have or the Lawnchair one.
Hi! I am actually stuck in my comfort zone right now. The only launcher that I have used is the Google Now launcher. I love that it's so simple. I actually just have like five icons on my phone, like when you unlock it, then when I press the menu thing at the bottom at the center, all the apps show. Lol I think it has to do with my personality. Just the simple stuff and easy on the eyes. I have friends that use Nova Launcher and they love it. Thank you for the links that you provided! I will be trying Lawnchair.
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