Can I upgrade the Android version on my phone?

It's at the top of the menu, and depending on the version of Android you're running, may read "Software Update" or "System Firmware Update". Tap Check for Updates. ... Many versions of Android are device-specific. Your tablet will only search for updates that are compatible with your device.


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This is true, because of compatibility issue. The auto firmware and software update only allows updates that are within your device specifications. Usually the device system scans the update and it is then determined if its applicable to your device. The standard of requirements may be set to optimum that's why some updates will not be downloaded specially when your smartphone is an old model.

But there is a way to manually update your device, this is where you replace the system coming from a flash tool.
Flashing or updating using a flashing tool, is common nowadays. Primarily it is used for troubleshooting purposes. But because of its capabilities, it is now being used for updating and editing.

Depending on your device, you can search dozens of flashing tool on the internet. Just make sure that you read and understand the instructions.

Just be aware that using this tools will revoke your user privileges if the unit is under warranty.

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Warranty aside, do you know if it helps if the device is rooted?


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It helps specially if its network locked. Also there are tweaks that are very usable if rooted because you can only do this when rooted like RAM&SD merging, Speed adjustment , and bypassing protocols that doesn't allow you to install apps.

This may seem all in the advantage but there are considerations, like your phone capacity and capabilities. If these are not considered, your unit is likely to be damaged.
You cannot go for something greater if your device can't handle it.

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It's completely depends on which phone you are using and the compatibility of that phone along with we have to check that is any android update is avaiable for the device.
The simplest answer is yes you can upgrade your android version if the upgrade is available by simply clicking on the menu it is located at the bottom of the phone depending on the type of phone you have click on the updates ,at this time your phone will start searching for any updates for you to download.
Yes you can always upgrade your Android version when there is an update available in the update section on your settings. I recommend to update always your phone in order to make your phone compatible in some apps and keeps you updated in new features that can be found on your phone.
I have an issue upgrading my android version. I've downloaded the upgrade. But when I restarted my phone the version is still the same. I don't know what happen.


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There are some devices that would bring up a notification of system android version updates for the user to update his software.

So if your phone does have this feature, then you have nothing to worry about but only click and update your Android software version.


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Yes, you can, in fact, you are asked by the phone software to upgrade your android from time to time, if you are not asked you can find the option at the top of your settings.
Yes You can Update the android version of your phone, as long as your phone is available for updating. Some phones notified if the android version is need to update or available.
Just Like my Phone Huawei, I go to "Settings" then scroll down then look for "Updater" button.
Hope that I can help..
Yes of course you can.If your phone is published recently,It should have a built in system to detect automatic software updates.If not,you can always download a companion for your smart phone on your PC and update it with the help of your PC.Try to look for tutorials on how to update it through your PC.
yes you can update your phone there are lots of phones that cant be updated but there are some to that can be update. where to find the phone updater? all you need to do is go to settings and find the phone updates if there is an available update click it and that's it.
You can actually upgrade the OS version of your Android phone. However, the latest OS version is not always available for all Android users. Given this, I just suggest to check your phone's settings and check if there's a pending update. To check, tap Settings > About Phone or About Device > Android Version.

If there's no available update, that means you have the most updated and recommended OS version for your phone.


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Yes, you can upgrade the android version in your phone. I just recently upgraded one in my Tecno C8 but I didn't do it all by myself. I had to take it to software experts and they have it done for me. Some devices comes with a software update feature, so if yours is like that, then all you need to do is click update and it's done.
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yes you can because every have an new version so your cellphone has a new version always you can check it in settings- about phone - and you can see tehre the udpate version of your cellphone . It depends to your cellphone because some cellphone already reach its latest version
Yes but it depends if there is an available version of your phone.In my experience, most of the time if the unit is newly released, you need to wait for atleast 1 years to have an update version. Updating your android version/unit is good because it fixes the bugs and improves quality performance of your phone
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