Which smartphone brand you like the most?

Before you purchase a new brand new phone, what are the most important things you should know about the phone? Is it the brand is all important or the specs of the phone? Do you have some request to phone manufacturers of how they will improve their smartphones ? Or you can share or recommend them a features that you want to see to the phones that they will launching?
When I'm buying gadgets first thing that I'm considering is really the specs. I don't mind which brand as long as the specifications meets my needs. Most especially the ram. Since I use my gadgets for work, it should not be laggy.
For me, my most recommended phone is Samsung brand, I know there is a lot of phone that is good to use, but samsung for me is the best one, one reason is the durability, it cannot easily destroyed, the software was good, and the specifications are good, the camera are clear and the flash of camera was really nice, .
I love Sony smartphones. I'm a fan of a big screen phones since I watch movies and play games using my phone. I actually have the Sony Ultra XA which is the upgraded version of the Sony Ultra. It has 6" screen and the quality of the display is very nice! I will add some extra weight to your pocket though. lol! Sony is definitely one of the best brands out there.
There are lots of smartphone brands that are existing nowadays. Being a smartphone user, the best brand for me is Samsung. Ive been so curious about how other brand works so i bought those leading brands and finds out that nothing beats the Samsung brand. So user friendly, long life battery, amazing built in apps and worth it the penny you shell out for this brand.
For me I'm starting to like Oppo F7 , my daugther recently bought Oppo F7 and its is impressing to me it has 128 gb and 6 gig ram and so responsive. to me it is like iphone features and price is reasonable compare to iphone. I think Oppof7 and near Oppo smartphone wil definitely strike in the market.
I am Iphone user for two years and I love using Iphone even though iphone could not share or download some files that android can do. I wish the manufacturer that they could do some action on that their are some games that I want to play but there are no software for Iphone. It's only the thing that I want to change with the Iphone,I could not say anything about the quality and durability of the phone it satisfy me because it long last that you expected.But I wish they could do something about the other features that android can do.
specks,price and the brand of a phone are the deciding factor of what smart phone to buy.specks like ram capacity of the phone is it the latest android and its various apps built on the phone?Is it reasonably price as they say not all that had high price tag really justifies the product.The Brand also plays a role in deciding to buy a smart phone, will you buy a phone that you do not know the brand? and the company that made it i don't think so right.


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I believe it would be Samsung. It's pretty much known for its outstanding quality, sleek designs, and it's keeps toe-to-toe with Apple while having a cheaper price but mostly same or greater innovation.
I go for durability and stability. I haven't tried a lot of brands but I have already used two brands which are Samsung and Lenovo, I am the kind of person who always uses my stuff with care. So I cannot really say which is more durable because both lasted for years. Although I can say that Samsung's screen might be slightly tougher than Lenovo's if you ask me based on my experience using these two brands. But as far as the stability and efficiency is concern, I can say that Samsung gets the credit for that. It hangs the less and it rarely gets the app unresponsive as long as the app has no issues on its own.
Honestly Sepaking I have tried so many smartphones and my current Brand of smartphone was Xiaomi (mi) brand. I have tried Samsung before and it is quite good . I have tried Nokia as well and this one is satisfying. I have tried now the Xiaomi even the product brand is not well known in the market and just making its name known still the quality is okay and acceptable. So I think if I have give na chance to buy a newphone it would be iphone why? because this is the only phone i haven't tried :)
One quick way of narrowing down your choices for a new phone is to just set your budget and see what’s available in your price range. Android phones have a lot more price points than IOS. Then check the specs like the display, the camera, and the age.
For me, one of the most important specs for most smartphone buyers is the quality of the camera. When weighing your camera decision you should also check out reviews online or ask somebody who is familiar with the phone you are eyeing.
And finally one thing you have to consider also is the battery life. Battery is measured in mAh with a higher number meaning more juice. But of course many other factors like the screen size and resolution will affect how quickly this runs down. Again check the reviews you can find online or ask around to those who are familiar with it.


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Brand doesn't matter, but it has to have the Android operating system. The price also has to be reasonable, like Apple products are too expensive for what they're worth, especially since Samsung comes with equally good smartphones for a lower price.

What matters to me are the specs, specifically the RAM and memory space, with camera being the lowest priority. Preferably a phone that also isn't too big, although that shouldn't be a problem anymore, I keep getting bigger phones and they're always fine for my pockets.
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