Single, Dual Or Triple Sim

How many sim cards are good for a smartphone? I thought triple sim is best but it must have disadvantages. There are also single and dual sim phones.

Which is the best smartphone? Is it a single, dual or triple sim?
I think that smartphones with dual sim is still the best because you are not locked to a specific network ,you are free to sign up to any network provider of your choice so you're free to use international or local without unlocking your need to carry two phones or switching sim cards.You can use one sim card for business and another for personal use. One good thing is that if the other has a weak signal there's a backup to the rescue , so you never miss a call.


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From what I've found, multiple SIM's allow you to do multiple things at the same time. Triple SIM would allow you, for example, to make a call, texts, and browse the internet simultaniously.

With that knowledge, there would be two disadvantages that come to mind:
  1. It would be expensive
  2. It would require more RAM, causing your phone to run out of battery quicker.
This is the first time I heard triple sim. Wow, how does it works? Since I'm not familiar with triple sim, dual sim is still the best for me. I am in the location wherein network signal is not stable, good thing I had dual sim. If the other network is not available, I can use the other one.
I would prefer triple sim phone to get access to 3 networks. This would allow me to choose the best network offering internet services. This allows me to get the best signal reception as well.
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