1. stbrians

    Single, Dual Or Triple Sim

    How many sim cards are good for a smartphone? I thought triple sim is best but it must have disadvantages. There are also single and dual sim phones. Which is the best smartphone? Is it a single, dual or triple sim?
  2. Lazard

    How to save contacts to Google on Android ?

    Hi everyone ! It's been several years since I got my first SIM card, I saved all my contacts on it for a while. Now, to benefit from the user picture and more, I save my contacts directly on my phone. The problem is, when I will change my phone, I will need to use a application to transfer my...
  3. Martinsx

    iPhone doesn't recognize sim : This is the remedy

    Your iPhone does not receive sims, constantly searching and you do not know what to do. Following these steps would help you to the cause and how to thoroughly fix the iPhone status does not recognize the sim. Leg contact Sim is stuck The copper surface on the sim is dirty. This is a common...