Zuta Portable Smartphone Printer


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I recently watched a shared link in social media and i was incited with this product. Its a robotic printer which you can control using your smartphone. I was actually happy that someone had thought of this product. This product actually started as a Kickstarter Project which was funded eventually. Now they are accepting pre-orders on their website for around $199 per unit. Unfortunately the unit can only print black and white. They said it can print a total of 100 pages per cartridge.

Truly a great creation...

Have a great day:coffee:!


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Looks pretty neat, although it looks like a slow printer from what I can tell from the video. It's good if you've forgotten to print something at home, but I personally think that I'm better off just using an actual printer. Because I don't think this little device can print images yet, and if it could, it would take a while.
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