Is it better to buy a new one that to fix my broken smartphone?

I have my smartphone and its broken. The screen was suddenly turned off. We asked the technician about this matter. He recommend to buy a new one because its cost is like buying a brand new one.

Any advice?
If you have a budget for fixing that problem then you should go with the option is buying a new smartphone instead of fixing it as the technician advised you.

Anyone, using a new smartphone is better but you need to check it carefully before buying because you can face same problem if you select a same model like your old smartphone.
For me, economically speaking, it is better to buy a new one. Since the technician himself said so, he knows well about such matter so better follow what he said. At least the money you will be spending will be used to buy a new smartphone that does not have defect. Unlike if you get it fixed, there are times that some functionalities of your phone will not work. Since it's almost the same as the price of buying a new one, why not choose to buy new.
It depends on your phone. What brand is it? If it's a cheap one like Techno or Infinix just get another one. If it's a good phone like a Samsung or an Iphone it's worth fixing it and saving up enough money to buy a good quality one.


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It is better to buy new one on a long run.
Fixing broken phone will probably make phone work properly on temporary basis, so it wouldn't really pay off to fix a broken phone all over again.
Of course, it depends on what kind of a damage has been done to a smartphone.If it is the screen, do not bother fixing it.Either try to work with it or buy a new one.


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Can you tell us what brand and model of your smartphone?
If you charge your phone is there a charge indicator? the led is on or a charge image appears?
Lastly what was the last activity before the phone was damaged?
These information could help us find possible causes for your phones state and it can provide possible solution for your smartphone.

Have a great day!


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We have same issue. If you have budget you may go on to repair your broken phone. But if you are more broke than your broken phone (like me!) buy a new one as a replacement. Then you may opt to wait for the price of the repair (cost of the cellphone part needed) to drop so you can have it repaired at a lesser cost.
If your phone is many generations old. You should consider letting your old buddy rest in peace and buy a new one. It would really cost a lot more and it isn't worth replacing expensive parts of old phones.


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Keeping repairing old phone that always tends to be broken is never a good choice.
I spent 200+ dollars on trying to fix my iPhone 5c when I broke the digitizer and, while it work for some time, it came back to what it was.
The time, energy and money spent on fixing the phone that somehow gets damaged so often is a waste of all three.
Save your money, try to take out the best of your phone and get yourself a new one that should serve you for years.
Of course, one should not be careless about a smartphone since older generations are so fragile to damage.
Well I think you should already buy a new one. I agree that sometimes the cost might be too much if the phone is already undergo different repairs. It is also have a high risk of not functioning well due to the changes of some parts of the phone. Besides, phones are really upgrading faster, and different models continues to come. Choose a phone that you will suits you and how long it will last.
I would follow what the technician and buy a new one since it would be more convenient. If you are using an older model phone, I think it would be the time to replace your old one. If there is really no reason that is holding you from having a new one, then go for it. It would save you a lot of time and energy.
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