Would you replace your Laptop for an iPad or Tablet?

I saw that apple is now advertising their iPad with a keyboard attached to it. It looks likes this one:


And thus I was a bit curious on how it works.
I have three iPad devices; iPad mini, iPad 2017 and iPad pro 10.5. I went to a store (not apple store) to inquire if they sell keyboards compatible to said devices. I did not go to an apple store since their products are too expensive for its price. Considering also that that there are a lot of negative reviews about their keyboard.

So the store have available keyboards for iPad mini and iPad 2017 but for iPad pro 10.5 there's none available yet (this model is newly release when I went there). I decided to buy one for my iPad 2017. I tried the keyboard compatible with my iPad mini but it was too small and it very irritating to use. Imagine your big fingers pressing those small keypads. Buy the way. it is a local brand keyboard, it has no specific brand. The reason why I bought one is to see if my iPad with a keyboard have the same or better functionality with my laptop. Here are attached photos of my iPad 2017:



and here are some of my observations:

Pros: iPad 2017 with keyboard
  • it is handy
  • light to carry
  • you can carry it anywhere
  • the battery of the keyboard can last the whole day
  • as well as the ipad - unless you are connected to the internet
  • the ipad have its own MS Word version which is the PAGES app
  • fast response - as you type it will appear immediately in the ipad

Cons: iPad 2017 with keyboard
  • MS Word is still the best when you compared it with Pages
    • pages: limited functionality - you cannot put table of contents and the like
    • unless you have a bluetooth printer you cannnot immediately print it
    • limited file version - available only for pdf, word, or epud
  • when you are into software also you cannot do your stuff in the ipad
  • it is limited - you can only use apps that are available in the apple store
    • take note also that there are apps that are available to laptops that has no version in an ipad
    • even if it has version the developer tends to limit its functionality
to Conclude: I still prefer to use my laptop.

What about you? Would you replace your Laptop for an iPad or Tablet? Any comments?
Great review for the iPad keyboard! I myself have an iPad Air 2 and I prefer to use it to read during downtime or on the go. I prefer to only use tablets when doing light tasks or browsing the web.

If I will be doing heavy tasks or lots of typing, I would use my laptop. Tablets or iPad provide portability but for me, it cannot beat personal computers when it comes to productivity. :)
This is a nice question! For me, I will not replace my laptop for an iPad or any kind of tablet. Because as an Engineering student, I have many paper works to do specifically in MS office and Auto CAD. I think it is more efficient if you will use a laptop PC to do these jobs rather than doing this on a tablet. My hands prefer a real keyboard and mouse over a touchscreen tablet. So for me, I will choose laptop over tablets.
Hell no!!. I know having an Ipad has its advantages like portability and convenience but when it comes to the real issues of computing, an ipad cannot handle that. An ipad cannot run heavy simulations or do heavy drafting and designing project. Therefore, I cant replace my computer with ipad.
For me practically speaking I will not replace my laptop for an Ipad or any kind of tablet. IT is because I was able and comfortably using the laptop other than them and we all know that there are some features that are easy to navigate when you are using the laptop compare to the tablet and Ipad. And aside from that laptop nowadays are keep on improving not only on their IOS program or software but also on their physical and we all know that laptops are now handy as tablets and Ipad. And aside from that when it comes to quality the product or output of laptop is just the same and when it comes to the productivity or the number of task you can do it is really ideal to use the laptop.
Thank you


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I would not replace my laptop for an Ipad or Tablet, because i think these devices are different in terms of usage. Although some features of the two devices are similar ,in my opinion they differ in power and control. I use my laptop for multitasking in terms of browsing ability and network control. The fact that laptops are devices that can manage multiple accessibility using both wireless and cable plus I/O ROM attachments it can never be replaced by an Ipad or Tablet because of this features.

On the other hand Ipad and Tablets are made to do a similar environment but with limitated feature compared to a laptop. One advantage of an Ipad or Tablet is its flexibility of use. Ipad's and Tablet's are more lighter and more compact than a laptop but that's basically it.

When it comes to processing and computing power they are both equally capable. But size do matter, sometimes it comes with disadvantages and advantages. And size is a significant factor between this two devices...;)

Have a great day:coffee:!
As for me I wouldn't replace my laptop for an Ipad or any tablet. A laptop is as good as a desktop computer on the go and a lot of features can be done on a laptop that is not accessible to tablets and Ipad. The way I see it tablets and Ipads are just like a smartphone so if your using one having such is a waste of money. Just my two cents, still prefer a laptop.
I would never replace my laptop for an iPad or a tablet. I don't actually hate iPads or tablets in general because I also love to use them, however there are lots of things that an iPad/tablet can't do that a laptop can. For example, with the tablet;s limited storage space you can't consider or even try installing heavy apps like Photoshop and Premiere. It's also a little bit difficult to encode documents on a tablet because their screen dimensions are just too small for that kind of work. However, iPads/tablets are also helpful when it comes to entertainment and light tasks. It's also handy and lightweight that you can put in your bag. However, if your job is about editing, graphics, and making paper works, then a tablet (I believe) is not for you. Heavy tasks will just freeze the tablet and will cause you inconvenience.

However that's just my opinion I hope no one's offended. Have a nice day. :)
Not at all. Although ipads and tablets are now becoming more powerful of a hardware now and its a lot more portable than a laptop, still it cant surpass a good laptop. Hardware wise, laptops packs more punch than an ipad or tablet. Software wise, i personally like tablets running on android and an ipad running on ios compared to laptops os(windows). Its more easy to use than that of a laptop. Overall, mobile devices still have a long way to go to ever surpass or go on the level of what laptops could offer. Nevertheless, mobile devices is still a very good piece of technology.
I would never replace my loptop to IPad or Tablet. First the loptop has bigger screen and more functional than Ipad or tablets. There also some website that dont accep Ipad and Tablet and only acceptfrom lotop. Lopto also have Microsoft offices and other office documents.


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That is, if you have a laptop running Windows. Not sure about Linux, but I'm pretty sure a Mac doesn't have those. An equivalent or replacement of word and excel programs, they would have.

But to add to your response: A laptop is more powerful than a tablet, meaning you can run more apps and programs at once, or open up a big game. It also has a better battery, so you can keep doing what you need to do for a longer time.


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Tablets may be convenient to bring anywhere but I prefer laptop over tablet/ipad especially when I have to do tasks such as editing photos, writing, doing a presentation. Having a keyboard is easier and faster to do those kinds of jobs. And if I just have to browse, check on my emails or just look into my calendar, or any apps i needed i can just use my android phone to check on it but still when work related and needs some typing, laptop is still my choice.


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No, as for the moment, I would not.
I got ''connected'' to my laptop by using it so much and never really owned an iPad, so, true, I can not compare them but I doubt I would change laptop for anything else.
I like having a bigger screen, keyboard and I think that is what makes laptop better.
A great question! I would not replace my laptop for an iPad or any tablet. As a student, iPad maybe handy but its features are limited unlike my laptop. I can multitask and its battery life is not as short as any other handy devices. I tried using tablet/iPad for my school works before but it lagged and I lose my data. For me, I still prefer bringing heavy laptops which can do greater and faster jobs than a tablet/iPad which is handy but isn't as functional as Laptops.


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I think it is possible for me to replace my laptop with a tablet if I have already got a desktop because I can work on desktop while I can have entertainment from a tablet.
I love the idea that you highlighted the great advantages and features of Ipad7. It is so handy or should I say very portable. Unfortunately, if you are working as an analyst and will be assigned to visit some sites for a business review. Excel Presentation might be so difficult to run on Ipad7 or probably will never run on it.. Moreover, the shortcut keys to make your life easier on doing your excel reporting would not work since it only have MS Word as you said. So, I would still choose my laptop.
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