Gamers with Android phones.. link to get APKs :)

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Hi guys. I just wanted to share this link that I am following for almost a year. Here you can download a lot of old games from game console like playstation 1 and so on. If you miss to play games like Final Fantasy 7


Resident Evil 2

download (1).jpg

or the classic Super Mario


then this is the best site for you. Plus you can download its APK here so that you can play it anywhere by your phone. I will post the link below. It is from facebook. So just try it if you have spare time to play. I feel like I just need to share this here.

Heres the fb link
or if it not valid for you, just log in into your facebook account and like the page and thats it.

Here another link: For free games you will not see on PlayStore :)

Just read the info below the game you have chosen and you will know the instruction there on how to download it.

Hope this will make those gamer happy just like me.
I did not own images there and the site for the link.
Credit to the owner of those pics and site. :)
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Take care when using apk files because they can harm your smartphones and only downloading from trusted sources if you don't want to have malware or virus on your smartphone.

The best way to use apps, games,..etc is download from CH Google play or Apple store if you are using iPhone or products from Apple..
I actually miss playing old games. I even downloaded Game Boy and PSP emulators so I can play the games that I played as a child again. I can see that the website is secured. This must be trusted. You don't know how thankful I am. :cry:
Hey I also play from Game Boy emulators but never tried PSP. Can you give me link on where to download that emulator. BTW, a got addicted to pokemon and that's the only game I'm playing on my Game Boy emulator. How bout you?

I'm glad to know that this post made you happy :p
This was awesome. It bring backs good old memories. Does it also support in laptop? I really wanted to play again the games that I grew up with.
Yeah totally awesome! Actually you can download emulators for your laptop. Try ePSXe emulator. That is the one I'm using. I'm playing Legend of mana again. It brings back nostalgic memories when I was in high school and college days.

I also bought a game pad for my laptop and here it is,

its a cheap type though but can add more memories while holding that stick! hahaha


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How nostalgic, those are the games that I usually play when I was still a kid. I really like the FInal Fantasy Series, it really rocks. I also played super mario, from when it was still in its psp format up to now. Anyway, nice games you got there.
Playing old games refreshes old memories and I have to thank you for this. Me and my friends just talked about the computer games that we played back in the days. We laugh about staying awake late at night figuring out how to finish "Resident Evil" and other PS One games. And now, there's a chance to play it all again. Thanks for informing us about it.
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