Bluedio T-Talking Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud with Smart Voice Control Cloud Service


Aug 3, 2018
Bluedio T-Talking Earbud is optimized by combining with the chip circuits of bluetooth 5.0. It has many advantages such as better connection, not easy break off the wire, undisturbed as well as clearer data and better sustainability with lower power sonsumption. You can ask questions, play music, pick up the phone, provide information, news as well as whether and so on. All of these come true by voice control cloud service. It combines with the advantages of small shape, easy to carry and operate. Turbine earphone, just like the turbine on airplane, can bring us strong and dynamic music.

Product Features:
● Combined with Bluetooth 5.0 chip circuit optimization, better connectivity, less disconnection, interference, and clearer data transmission.
● In order to eliminate safety risks of battery, its socket is built-in self-healing fuse resistor PTC.
● Reduce power consumption, lower energy consumption and better endurance.
● Asking questions, playing music, picking up the phonem providing information, news as well as whether and so on. All of these come true by voice control cloud service. You can also voice control home appliances and the range of transmission is up to 10 meters which lead an amazing convenient life.
● Compact and easy to carry, very small size, easy to carry, easy to understand, good for sports and driving.

Differ from headsets and neckband earphones, the design of T-Talking is more accord with human mechanics, which means that it can be widely used in sports, driving as well as ordinary use. Get it home from GearVita, you will actually feel that:

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