Bluedio V2 Subverts All Your Imagination about Headphones


Aug 3, 2018
The Bluedio V2 headphones provides rich and accurate audio while isolating external noise, so you can enjoy its high-quality sound for several hours. It has an immersive in-game audio so you can lose yourself in the game while you’re winning, the reversible design is good for a long time wearing. The 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers can bring you vivid sound field, sound clarity, sound shock feeling, capable of various music and game.

Product Features:
● PPS 12 Exclusive Patents Acoustics Technology
Specially built 12 drivers, together with the carefully designed compound cavity will accurately reproduce every frequency to make the bass deeper and more powerful.

● Accurate Positioning
Easy response to scenes such as HiFi music, movie videos and games.

● Bluetooth 5.0
Combined with Bluetooth 5.0 chip circuit optimization, it has better connectivity, less possibility of disconnection and interference, clearer data transmission, lower energy consumption and stronger endurance.

● Intelligent Control Mode
A. When calling, you can choose the normal answer mode.
B. Tap the right ear part of the headset twice or jump twice to answer the call automatically.
C. Say "answer" to answer the call, say"ignore" to decline.

● Technical Upgrade
Professionally customized and developed light and infrared sensors. When you put down your headphones, the music will be paused. When you pick up the headphones again, the music will continue.

● Intelligent Amazon Web Services
A. It can be used for voice query weather, news, schedule and so on.
B. It can be used for voice control home appliances, voice switch songs and so on, which is our life assistant.
C. More freely controlled cloud-based songs are provided.

● Hearing Protection
The App has a hearing protection function while keeping the music dynamic. It can lock the decible level and protects the ears, including normal mode, child mode, protection mode and madman mode.

● Sleep Protection
Open the sleep protection function, when you disconnect your headphones with Bluetooth device up to 10 mins, it will turn off automatically to save power.

● Rotating Cup Design
The rotatable headphone cup is stylish, with the provided portable bag, it is easy to carry anywhere.

Bluedio V2 is a flagship Bluetooth headset with top-level intelligence and cinematic effect, because of its powerful headphone interactivity, it's no exaggeration to call it a cross-era headset from the future. Come to GearVita to see, you will definitely be attracted by its stylish appearance and powerful functions:

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