1. gearvita

    Bluedio T6 - A Combination of ANC Feed-forward and Feedback Technology

    Bluedio T6 wireless headphone - Bluedio's latest generation of Turbo headphones, is your professional mute. ANC deep noise reduction -25dB, eliminates more than 90 percent of low-frequency noise of life, enhances your listening experience. Technology upgrading, using Max 97220 chip, the power...
  2. gearvita

    Wearing Bluedio TMS Wireless Bluetooth Headset Is The Start of Music Feast

    Bluedio TMS Bluetooth headset only has a button to turn on/off and without volume button, you can switch the volume on Bluedio APP or via changing your device volume. The newest Bluetooth 5.0 brings lower power consumption, longer transmission distance, more stable and high-speed transmission...
  3. gearvita

    Bluedio Mini TWS Earphones - Light Your Passion

    Bluedio mini wireless Bluetooth earphones equipped with the exclusive patent VFT technology, couples with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, provides you high-definition sound quality without any delay. Open the cover can quickly match and reconnect, brings you a fast and simple new way of music life...
  4. gearvita

    Bluedio TN2 - Your Sports Fellow

    Bluedio TN2 earbuds is a sports bluetooth earphone which has refined and clear sound quality, HiFi high fidelity. It has many features like Tri-band equalization. With 13mm large speaker and dual microphone active noise reduction, It can create outstanding bass, mid-range, high-pitched sound...
  5. gearvita

    Bluedio T-Talking Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud with Smart Voice Control Cloud Service

    Bluedio T-Talking Earbud is optimized by combining with the chip circuits of bluetooth 5.0. It has many advantages such as better connection, not easy break off the wire, undisturbed as well as clearer data and better sustainability with lower power sonsumption. You can ask questions, play...