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Aug 3, 2018
Relying on the power line transmission network signal technology, Xiaomi WiFi electric cat boosts the range of your existing WiFi without using any additional LAN/Ethernet cables and creates a stronger signal in hard-to-reach areas to easily clean all of the non signal district in your house.

Xiaomi WiFi electric cat have host and sub machine combination. Child machine have 2 × 2 antenna, equivalent to the mainstream router 300Mbps wireless transmission rate. Stable performance, better coverage. The convenient wall-plug design is compact and simple, easily blending into your home decor.

Product Features:
● Simple preparation, easy management, the design is elegant, compatible with the third party router.

● Using Xiaomi WiFi power cat, WiFi signals throughtout the home, where the WiFi signal is weak, in the corresponding place configure a child machine, the rapid realization of WiFi signal coverage, enjoy high-speed network.

● Relying on the power line transmission network signal this technoloty, WiFi signal no longer weakens because of your home bearing wall number or size.

● The child machine hardwear using the external 2 × 2 antenna design, is equal to the mainstream router 300Mbps wireless transmission rate.

● With 2.4GHz band selection, through wall and cover ability is stronger, ensures the signal is always stable when you walk in different rooms.

● Support the 1 host + 7 child machine joint configuration, meet the demand of all kinds of door model the WiFi coverage.

● Contracted convenient wall-plug design, palm size, easy to use and blend into your home decor.

● Plug and use, adapt to all routers. Existing router equipment no need to replacement, increase the Xiaomi WiFi electric cat, use Mijia APP to configurate management.

● Match with Xiaomi router to use, plug to use, don't need setting, automatic synchronous WiFi name and password.

Residential model variety, there is always a WiFi signal weak area in the home. Xiaomi WiFi electric cat through the home power line extension the WiFi signal to the every room. More efficient, easy and stable: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-wifi-electric-power-cat.html

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