Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat Creates A Comfortable Environment for You


Aug 3, 2018
Xiaomi Mijia Thermostat can realize the intelligent linkage with other Mi equipment, which can automatically open and adjust the air-conditioning, fan, humidifier and other equipment. You will never worry about cold mornings or hot afternoons with this thermostat.

Product Features:
● Real-time monitor indoor temperature and humidity change. Cold or warm, dry or moist, clear at a glance.

● Simple LCD screen, clear digital display, easy to read.

● Built-in advanced Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, preciser measurement with 0.1 accuracy.

● Monitor home temperature and humidity anytime anywhere, analyze temperature and humidity data, create comfortable environment. Notice you of the anomalous change, easy to adjust the indoor environment.

● Bluetooth wireless connection enables the thermostat allows for remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

● When the temperature reaches the preset temp (min or max) on Mi Home App, it will automatically turn on/off the air-conditioner.

● When the humidity reaches the preset humidity (min or max) on Mi Home App, it will automatically turn on/off the humidifier.

● Built-in magnet and back glue makes it easily stick to the wall.

● Powered by one AAA battery, super-low consumption, support for a whole year.

● Display remaining power constantly, convenient to change the battery in time.

Accurate mastery of indoor temperature and humidity is a significant demand for pet owners, parents of infants and children. Get the Mijia thermostat from GearVita, convenient control of your home's thermostat is now literally at your fingertips: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-thermostat-accuracy-temperature-humidity-monitor.html

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