Personal review: A dark dragon


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Oct 25, 2018
Recently I've been playing the game A Dark Dragon. It's small single player game in mainly black and white, where you play as a boy who has just arrived on an island and you're basically building a town and going on adventures.
The further you get in the game, the stronger your character becomes and the more becomes available.

Now that's the game and from here on out, it's nothing but bad news. The game appears to have a story, but it doesn't. You just expand your village and fight your way through 20 maps, until you find this dark dragon for who knows what reason. However, you only encounter this dragon and unlock the 4th tab for it when you're halfway through map 19. The worst part is that that part of the game is a minigame. Nothing you do on this tab will help you progress in the rest of the game.
Other than that, it's an idle game, where you assign workers to gather and fabricate stuff over time.

But what bothers me the most, is of how Pay2Win this game is. At one point, the only way to get stronger, is with the training camp, and from level 21 onwards, it costs 1 crystal and progressively more for one level up on either power, speed or accuracy. The worst part, if you happen to die, you lose all your levels and you must pay those crystals again.
You can earn crystals by watching ads though, but it's only 1 crystal for every 10 ads, and you don't have an infinite amount of ads available.

You could try out a demo and see if you like it, but when they tell you to pay for the full game, I recommend you to stop. The game is a real time waster, it leaves you unsatisfied most of the times, and doesn't really give much incentive to keep playing.
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