Meizu Flow Three-driver Hybrid Earphones - Feel Nothing, Hear Everything


Aug 3, 2018
Meizu Flow earphones are made in the form factor of internal gagging for good sound insulation, and together with the hybrid design of the Meizu Flow emitters, reproduce sound with a sensitivity of 105dB at 1KHz. The curved shape of the Meizu Flow is made with regard to the anatomical shape of the ear canal, fits perfectly to your ear, which allows you to stay in the headphones for a long time without discomfort.

Product Features:
● Flowing Aesthetic
Producing a texture through wiredrawing, gloss using powder metallurgy, high precision CNC line dissection, creating a liquid aesthetic of light and shadow.

● Three Hybrid Drivers
A high-fidelity dynamic driver to enhance the depth of the bass and two highly sensitive balanced armature drivers to enhance the resolution and layering in mid and high frequencies, accopanied by a specialized frequency dividing circuit, producing balanced multiband audio performance.

● Bass Venting System (BVS)
Customized conduit extends the low frequency response time, utilizing a dynamic driver with improved space, paired with an ingenious curved microfilter to further increased the clarity and dynamic range of the sound.

● Comfort Wearing
Adopting ergonomic design, through countless adjustments, making the curved surface fit perfectly to the ear. The curved arc design ensures stability and comfort so that you can immerse yourself in music and forget that you are even wearing earphones.

● Quality Wire
Quality silver-coated copper wire to ensure a low resistance and high conduction rate across the entire wire. The selected quality MEMS microphone enables outstanding call quality. Using separate microphone and audio wires, to further electrical interference from the wire, guaranteeing authentic sound restoration.

Silicone earplugs, dual layer earplugs, and inert earplugs, the customized airplane jack and portable silica gel case are provided to satisfy your requirements:

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