How to change Bluetooth name on Samsung phone simply

Feb 9, 2018
The Bluetooth feature on phones and tablets has been of great help to Samsung users when it comes to sharing pictures, audio and other data files. To make it easier to distinguish devices, you can rename your Bluetooth. This article will guide you in detail how to rename Bluetooth on Samsung phones. Follow along!

This tutorial article I made on Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone, at a different time with different devices and application versions, the interface may change.

1. How to change Bluetooth name on Samsung phone

Step 1: Open Settings > Select Phone info > Select Edit.
Step 2: Change to the name you want > Select Done.

- You can only rename up to 42 characters, depending on the device.
- This name will be the name displayed via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and some other methods

2. Some related questions

Why has the Bluetooth name changed but still shows the old name?
Maybe Bluetooth hasn't been updated yet, so to fix this error you need:
- Click Scan/Search again.
- Disconnect Bluetooth and reconnect.
- Can I change the device name to default?
You can completely change the device name to default. However, at this point you need to manually enter the name of the model you are using. So to correctly enter the default name, you should check it on the company's website!

Why can't I connect to the machine after renaming?
After renaming, maybe Bluetooth hasn't updated yet, so to fix the error can't connect after renaming you need:

- Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on: Swipe the status bar from the top > Turn Bluetooth on and off.
- Restart the phone.
- Reset the device.

Note, factory reset will cause data loss. Therefore, you need to back up important data before factory resetting the device.

Quick guide to factory reset: Open Settings > Settings > Select General Management > Select Erase > Select Factory Reset > Tap Reset device.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how to rename Bluetooth on Samsung phones. See you in the next posts!
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