Xiaomi MiTU Balanced Scooter - Promote Child Coordination


Aug 3, 2018
The Xiaomi MiTU balanced scooter is designed for kids between the age of 3 to 6 years old, this is a very good gift for your kid as it comes with protecting and features that would make them love it.

The handlebar part adopts a three-level adjustment design, ideal for children of different heights and ages, also tough enough for continuous daily use. The scooter has a C-shaped handle design and is completely wrapped in soft rubber for a better grip. In addition, the handle is in line with the angle of the grip of the hand of the human body, so when operating it becomes easier for children.

The scooter features a dual-spring gravity control system to help keep the balance. It has an integrated luminous lamp, so it allows our little ones to use it to play even in the dark. It also comes with an anti-slip cover to ensure more security. With this all this in place, if your kid is on it, you are sure of safety and fun play.

Product Features:
● Double spring gravity steering system to help children maintain balance.
● Cool flash wheel increases the fun of children playing at night.
● C-curve design, more in line with the human hand angle, easier to clean.
● The entire upper part of the handle is completely covered with soft glue for comfortable grip.
● 274 square centimeters super large area pedal, maximum bearing capacity is 50kg.
● Wide and thick PU rubber wheel, high quality wear-resistant and excellent shock absorption performance.
● Three adjustable heights to meet the needs of children of different stages and heights.
● Widened brake cover with solid and simple triangular structure.
● No obvious metal exposure in the whole body, avoid the accidental injury that the metal edges and corners may cause to children.

The Xiaomi MiTU balanced scooter has a pleasing appearance and is safe to use, it is a fun companion for children to grow up with, also a good toy to train the balance ability of children. There are three color options on GearVita to choose from such as blue, yellow and pink: https://gearvita.com/mitu-balanced-scooter.html

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