Xiaomi Mitu Puzzle Building Block Mining Truck - Explore Mechanical Mystery


Aug 3, 2018
With no master motor, the Xiaomi Mitu Puzzle Building Block Mining Truck is completely driven by the mechanical structure. It uses a small steering wheel to control the skip lift system as well as the truck front wheel transmission. It can be turned freely, and the rear wheel can be operated independently through the differential, allowing the child to fully experience the mechanical structure during the construction and when playing.

It imitates the loading and unloading system of a real car with six large rubber tires, which is perfectly suitable for all kinds of terrain. The truck is compatible with national 3C serious standard and is recommended for all people over 6 years.

Product Features:
● Enlightenment Design Fun
MITU building blocks trucks use the clever connection of more than 500 pieces of wood to restore the shape and transmission structure of the truck as much as possible, full of mechanical design fun. The splicing process is not only the training of patience, but also the enlightenment of imagination.

● Details of Wisdom Are Everywhere
The machanical appeal of the MITU building block truck is not only in appearance, but also the internal mechanical structure is more fascinating.

● Clever Directional Control System
MITU building trucks and mine trucks cleverly set up the direction control system, with a small "steering wheel" to control the direction of the car, driving the road.

● Flip Lifting System
The MITU building block mine car can simulate the loading and unloading action of the car, simply turn the knob and conduct it through the gears to realize the dumping action.

● Wheel Independent Rotation
For a better handling experience, the MITU Building Blocks custom-built a differential that can be used in building blocks to ensure that each tire can be rotated independently, taking the mechanical drive to a new level.

● Six Plastic Soft Tires
The tires of mine cars have extremely high requirements on wear resistance and load-bearing capacity. MITU building blocks are equipped with 6 large-size tires and high-toughness plastic material, which can make the car fully terrain, regardless of desert or plain.

● High-precision Parts for Better Inserting
The parts of the MITU building block truck are injection molded from a 0.005mm high-precision mold, and the detail is beyond the imagination, which creates a thread between the blocks.

● High Standards, High Requirements
MITU building blocks mine trucks meet the national 3C certification standards, and through the exclusive testing standards for toy safety, can safely let children who age 6 or older build blocks.

The entire assembly takes about 100 steps and 3-4 hours. Price at $49.99 on GearVita, it is ideal for parents to bring their children deeper to unlock the mystery of mechanical design: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-mitu-puzzle-building-block-mine-truck.html

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