Xiaomi AreoX U8 Smart Fingerprint U-lock - Say Goodbye to The Mechanical Key

Xiaomi AreoX U8 applies fingerprint unlocking technology in the field of travel, bid farewell to forget the key, use biometric fingerprint recognition, reject fake fingerprints. Tap the finger to unlock in one step, just 0.5s to quickly open the ride. Use coupon code "U8", the price of "short" and "long" options are both $39.99.

Product Features:
● Ergonomic design, ingeniously integrates the fingerprint module into the golden area of the lock body, has a comfortable grip.
● Biometric fingerprint identification, 0.5 second quick unlock, false recognition rate is less than 0.001%.
● Fingerprint unlocking combined with key unlocking.
● High strength, hardness and corrosion-resistant stainless steel lock beam, resistant to 14 tons of hydraulic shears, to prevent hacksaw and electric drill damage.
● The lock beam is bidirectional locked, the lock can be opened only when both ends of the lock beam buckle are unlocked at the same time, effective prying-resistant and safer.
● B-class lock cylinder with higher safety, effectively prevents the technology from opening; the lock body is made of solid metal, to prevent violent falling and smashing, double protection from the inside out.
● The lock beam is wrapped in the superior PVC, with a smooth feel and a delicate touch, durable and resistant to deformation.
● Fingerprint protection cover, waterproof and dustproof, extending the life of the fingerprint module.
● Universal Type-C charging interface, charging is more convenient.
● Multi-fingerprint entry, support 9 sets of user fingerprint storage.

Fingerprint unlocking is a relatively convenient and mature way to unlock. AreoX U8 creatively applies the fingerprint unlocking function to the U-lock, brings more convenience to outdoor travel, say goodbye to the mechanical key from then on: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-areox-u8-fingerprint-u-lock.html

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