Huami Amazfit Moon Frost Smartwatch - Luxury with Elegance


Aug 3, 2018
Huami Amazfit Moon Frost is the perfect combination of fashion and technology, lets fashion and technology no more drab. it is suitable for many occasions to wear, you can wear it to do sports, to work, of course, you also can wear it to dinner and gatherings, this wristband not only will not affect the overall sense of harmony, but also will become the better dress accessories.

Amazfit Moon Frost - the premium leather and rose gold tones surrounds a beautiful ceramic center. It's a representation of sophistication and beauty and you'll never want to take it off.

Product Features:
● Perfect Combination of Technology and Fashion
Minimalist design concept, get rid of all the decorative elements, simplify wristband with ingenious connection.

● Zirconia Ceramic Dial
Amazfit wristband has selected zirconia ceramic as dial shell. This material is lightweight, mild like jade, hardness is second only to diamond and sapphire, and has high wear resistance, can maintain a permanent gloss.

● Smart Home Control
Independently monitor sober and asleep body status, transmit data to household equipment, automatically manage lighting, television and air conditioning (This feature requires electrical equipment supports Amazfit control protocol).

● Sleep Monitor
Monitor whether your sleeping is well or not.

● Silent Alarm
Wake you up with gentle vibration without disturbing others.

● Sports Tracking
Track and accurately record your daily exercise data, help you know about yourself.

● Call Reminder
When there is incoming call, the smart bracelet will alert you, do not need to worry about missing any important calls.

● Simple Charging
Built-in micro rechargeable battery can lasts 10 days standby time for a full charge.

● IP68 Waterproof
You can wear it to wash hands, face, take cold shower and swimming.

● APP Download
Directly search "Mi Fit" App and download in Play Store or App Store.

Metal and leather inherit the elegance and luxury, ingenious structure lets the exquisite ceramic inlaid into 18K gold plating, each detail shows the pursuit of quality. Now go to GearVita and feel its elegance and luxury, it is definitely the best gift for female friends:

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