Dual Operating System is it possible?

Is it possible or is it ok to have a dual operating system in someone's unit?
if there is a member here with dual operating system, hows the performance of your unit?


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What do you mean with dual operating system? Like having both Windows and iOS on a single computer? I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible. Sure, you can download and run Windows software on a Mac, but then I think it would be like an emulator or you fully disable iOS, I don't think operators can coexist in another way.

Why do you ask? Sheer curiousity or do you have reasons why you want more operating systems on one device? Or isn't that what you mean by Dual Operating System?
I do have this customer he wants me to put dual os on his pc, he wants windows 7 and 10 on it. I've try that before way back then win 2000 and windows xp it worked, but i never try it nowadays. that's why i asked the group if there's one here experience that, hows the performance of the unit?
I haven't heard any news about a phone having a "dual operating system". In fact, even if it's possible, I don't see any use or benefits of having, let's say, an Android and and iOS both running in one phone. I think almost all the features of one OS is also available in another OS. so I don't see the need of a dual OS.
Is it possible or is it ok to have a dual operating system in someone's unit?
If you are using Windows then it is possible to install 2 different Windows versions on a computer. When your computer is restarting, it will ask you which system you will choose to boost.

Honestly I did this in the past but it is just for testing because I now am using a system only.
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