operating system

  1. kelvz1984

    Dual Operating System is it possible?

    Is it possible or is it ok to have a dual operating system in someone's unit? if there is a member here with dual operating system, hows the performance of your unit?
  2. EfficientNinja

    How often do you restart your Android or iOS device?

    It's been a common practice to restart our desktop computers or laptops daily when we are done using it, whenever it feels slow, we have to apply changes, or when something is wrong. How about your smartphones? Do you have a regular schedule of restarting it? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or not at all?
  3. EfficientNinja

    How to speed up your computer's startup time

    A very slow startup every time you open your computer makes you feel uncomfortable and annoyed. This guide will help you do effective tweaks and upgrades to speed up your computer's boot time. 1. Turn off the programs that startup with Windows Shutting down startup programs at the same time...
  4. EfficientNinja

    MacBook Password Recovery Guide

    MacBook users sometimes forget their login credentials if they haven't used their computer for a long time. If you are one of those who cannot log in because of a forgotten password, you will need to reset the password. To reset your password follow these steps: Step 1: Restart. Step 2...
  5. EfficientNinja

    How to install drivers easily using Driver Booster on Windows

    There are a lot of ways for you to download and install drivers for your computer including automatic driver installation with some software such as Driver Booster, Driver Magician Lite, and Driver Easy. This way is faster than manually downloading driver installers from the manufacturer's...
  6. EfficientNinja

    How to check your PC's RAM

    In some cases, you need to know the exact RAM specifications of your computer when checking recommended video game system requirements, when buying a new RAM, or if you want to buy the same model of RAM that you have. Here are some general and common ways to check the RAM of your device...
  7. EfficientNinja

    Fix Windows not shutting down completely

    After a session of using your computer, you shut it down. But sometimes it does not completely shut down because some applications or services of your device are still running in the background. This problem can be caused by both hardware and software and it could also affect your computer's...