Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Smartwatch - Small Watch, Big Intelligence


Aug 3, 2018
The aesthetics of Xiaomi Amazfit Verge smartwatch emphasizes a 1.3 inch AMOLED screen cemented on a body of polycarbonate and ceramic zirconia, being covered by corning gorilla glass 3. In this way, we can enjoy a full-color navigation. Being able visualize our messages once we synchronize our phone with the smartwatch through the Bluetooth 4.0 connection that it integrates. How could it be less, we can answer incoming calls from our wrist. As for sports options, the commitment to include a high precision optical heart rate sensor results in an analysis efficiency of 98%, achieving constant measurements throughout the day. The heart rate monitor is also capable of detecting abrupt changes in our consensuses, alerting us in case of detecting any variation that must be medically revised. And although the watch is not intended for swimming, its IP68 certification is water resistant up to 2 meters deep in a maximum of 30 minutes.

The device is practically independent from the mobile, since it makes use of GPS and Glonass positioning to detect our actions optimally. We will have at our disposal 12 sports modalities to obtain exhaustive records: running, indoor running, hiking, walking, elliptical, mountaineering, tennis, skiing, soccer, bicycle, indoor bicycle.

Product Features:
● 1.3 Inch AMOLED Color Screen
1.3 Inch AMOLED high-resolution display, makes the displayed content more vivid and beautiful. Bigger screen, fit the width of the wrist, bring a pleasant feeling of wearing. The big screen displays a comprehensive and rich information, raise the wrist, efficiency is obvious.

● Built-in Multifunction NFC
Built-in multifunction NFC, can simulate your bus card and makes travel more convenient. Simply lift your wrist and place the smartwatch in the sensing area to implement the bus card function.

● Mi Home Smart Home Control
This smart watch can be connected to a variety of smart home devices in the Xiaomi eco-chain, including sweeping robots, air conditioners, rice cookers, electric fans and more. Just click on the Mi Home App or Xiaoai classmates to achieve remote control.

● Built-in Intelligent Voice Assistant - Xiaomi Ai
This smart watch has a built-in smart voice assistant that makes the watch more than just an accessory and can be a personal assistant to help you solve problems.

● 11 Sports Modes and GPS + GLONASS Dual Satellite Positioning System
Built-in11 sports modes, including running, indoor running, trail running, walking, elliptical, mountain climbing, tennis, skiing, football, outdoor riding, indoor riding. At the same time, the GPS+GLONASS binary positioning system has been added to accurately record your movement trajectory and tell you the calories burned.

● Optical Sensor, 24-hour Heart Rate monitor
Uses a new generation of high-precision optical sensors and algorithms for more accurate monitoring and lower power consumption. The all-day heart rate recording function allows you to see your heart rate changes throughout the day, discover abnormalities in time.

● Long Standby Time
It's not easy to increase the length of life on a smart watch with a rich feature set and AMOLED colorful display. But Amazfit Verge smart watch with ensures about 5 days ultra-long standby time for a full charging.

● A Variety of Well-designed Custom Dials
Each dial built into the Amazfit smart watch has been carefully designed. It has a classic traditional watch style to show your calmness and stability, as well as a dynamic sports fan, to promote your youth and vitality. A variety of custom dials make it easy to respond to every scene and easily express every mood.

● More Functions
Huami Amazfit Verge smartwatche also has the function of answering and making calls, Alipay offline payment, reading WeChat and SMS message, pedometer, sleep monitoring.

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