What should I look out for when buying a smartwatch?


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I've been thinking about buying a smartwatch for a while now. I've seen some people having one, and they tell me it's great how they can track their physical condition even better and also put their phone on silent while they still know when someone tries to call them. The vibration is really silent when I tested it.

So, what are some details I have to out for when I buy one?
You can also tell me things like, how long should it last without having to charge it, how many months/years until it breaks, are they normally waterresistant, but most importantly, what's a reasonable price to pay for them?
I'm sure Apple has some high prices on these things, so I'd rather stay away from those, but feel free to tell me how expensive they are for comparisson.

Thanks in advance, guys and girls!
I saw my friends used smartwatch and it has some features that they liked but not for me. I only use a smartphone for my works and it is enough.

I'm sure Apple has some high prices on these things
Do you consider a smartwatch from Samsung?


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I would consider any smartwatch from any brand, so long as anyone can provide me with as much details as they can about the watch they would recommend to me.
If a smartwatch from Apple turns out to have many lovely features that sound lovely, and the price is way cheaper than I could imagine, then I could consider it.

Although, I am using an Android device and I'm not quite certain if an Apple watch could connect with an Android phone.
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