How to fix HTC U12 Life can not connect to Wifi


Feb 19, 2013
This post will guide you to fix the error the Wifi can not connected or without the network connection on the U12 Life.

How to fix HTC U12 Life can not connect to Wifi.jpg

Option 1: Reset the Wifi network

Step 1: Go to "settings."

Step 2: Select the "system."

Step 3: Select the option "reset options."

Step 4: Select "reset wifi, cell and Bluetooth" (reset wifi, cellular and Bluetooth). Note: This will erase all your saved wifi networks as well as passwords, so you need to remember your wifi password to log in again.

Step 5: Select "reset settings."

Step 6: Continue to select "reset" again.

Step 7: After the installation again tries to log on your Wifi and enter the password to see if not.

Option 2: Access other wifi networks.

If the above does not work, try connecting your phone to another Wifi network to determine the error, if you do not see any other network errors you can determine the error is due to your home network from which to solve the problem.
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