Enjoy The Silent Private Space with Huawei AM185 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones


Aug 3, 2018
Huawei AM185 earphones feature built-in exclusive noise cancelling circuit, high sensitivity MEMS silicone microphone and professional noise cancelling chip, it can receive and analyze the spectrum of outside noise, and then product the opposite signal to cancels out the noise so that blocking outside noise getting to your ear and lead to undisturbed silent private space.

Product Features:
● A full-bodied bass output with a silky mid range and crisp high end, reproducing natural sounds for an immersive and high-fidelity listening experience.

● Special sound chamber design and high-end speakers (two dynamic drivers and two NdFeB D13.0 balanced armature drivers) with composite diaphragms and ultra-high purity (99.995%) oxygen-free copper cable keep sound distortion to a minimum and enhance audio definition and fidelity.

● Housed in a precisely cut aluminum shell with low-key gunmetal finish, giving them a smart and modern look.

● Can be directly charged through the headphone jack of your device when used in combination with the Huawei Honor 8 or other phones supporting earphone direct charging technology.

● Active Noise Cancelling gets rid of the noise distractions around you, let you have a good rest or just immerse yourself in thinking in your spare time.

● Fit for multiple digital devices, no matter what devices you are used, just turn on the cancel switch, the noise canceling will come true.

● Adopts the moving-coil and balanced armature hybrid dual drivers design, deliver more wide voice register and more detailed sound.

● U design earhook design let the earphones stay securely in your ears, comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, three pair of earbuds in different sizes are available.

● With low power consumption design, it can works 8 hours for noise cancelling.

● Supports charging the earphones directly with Huawei phones, for Huawei Mate 8 / Mate S / Mate 7 / Honor 7 / Honor 6 Plus, P9/P9 Plus.

● L shaped plug and metal braided tangle-free cable for easy holding.

If you are looking for a headset under $100, which includes additional functions such as noise cancellation, good sound, and also an eye catching and elegant design, come to GearVita, Huawei AM185 is an excellent value for money: https://gearvita.com/huawei-am185-earphones-active-noise-cancelling.html

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