ios 11

  1. Martinsx

    Guide to restart iPhone, iPad without source key

    Are you afraid of the power button will go down or for some reason that you can not use the power button to restart the machine then this is the way to help you restart the iPhone without the power button. Rebooting the iPhone without the power key: Step 1: Go to settings> General settings>...
  2. Chris Crocker

    How to free up RAM for iPhone running iOS 11

    Not like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or older ones, iPhone X does not have a Home button, so the release of RAM on the product is a bit strange to users. Although iOS is lightweight but sometimes your device slows down when playing games or using heavy apps. Free up RAM storage space on iPhone X...
  3. BillEssley

    iOS 11 will prevent your iPhone from connecting to weak Wi-Fi connections

    The feature that prevents iPhone from connecting to the weak Wi-Fi network is now available on Apple's new iOS 11 Beta 4. On July 25, Apple released the iOS 11 Beta 4 for developers. One of the most noted features is the ability to prevent iPhone from automatically connecting to weak Wi-Fi...
  4. Chris Crocker

    How to speed up Wi-Fi network on iPhone running iOS 11

    There are many reasons why your iPhone's Wi-Fi signal strength is slow, and the article below will show you how to fix the problem for users running iOS 11, in some cases. for both iOS 10 and 9. Sometimes when you encounter problems iPhone can not access the Wi-Fi network, while other devices...
  5. HelenR

    How to Use the New One-Handed Keyboard in iOS 11?

    I heard about this new feature on iOS 11 but I don't know how to enable or using it. Can you guys tell me the way to use the new One-Handed Keyboard in iOS 11?
  6. HelenR

    How to move or arrange multiple app icons at once on iOS 11

    I am using iPhone with iOS 11. Can you guys tell me how to move or arrange multiple app icons at once on iOS 11? I need an easy way to do this. Please share your tips!
  7. Nemanja

    Add or Remove Email Accounts from Mail app in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

    With the new operating system, you can set automatic brightness and Night Shift options in Control Center on iPhone, also add or delete email accounts from the Mail app. You will now notice that the option to manage your email accounts no longer appears in the Mail app of Settings. In this...
  8. ShaneW

    How to fix battery drain problem on iOS 11

    More than 25% of iPhone and iPad has updated iOS 11 but not all users are satisfied with Apple's new operating system. In addition to some other problems such as Control Center operating heterogeneity, email problems, battery life is another major issue to the users. To overcome this problem...
  9. CyberAlchemist

    Free up space for iPhone, iPad running iOS 11

    Deleting or uploading photos to the cloud, uninstalling unnecessary software are ways to help keep your iOS device's memory free. Memory management with iOS 11 Apple's new operating system for the iPhoneand iPad, adds features to better manage storage. Go to Settings> General> iPhone...
  10. CyberAlchemist

    3 features of camera worth on iOS 11

    The new operating system adds a number of settings, in order to make it easier for iPhone and iPad users. Set the HEIF format iOS 11 uses the new image and video format, HEIF, which dramatically reduces storage space. However, its downside is compatibility as most software and hardware are now...