samsung galaxy s9

  1. novandak

    Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9

    Despite the huge choice of smartphones in the modern electronics market, two flagships can be unequivocally distinguished, which deservedly occupy a leading position in world ratings and sales lists. One of them was Apple's product - iPhone X , which competed with the equally popular smartphone...
  2. Chris Crocker

    Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

    On February 25, Barcelona hosted the long-awaited Mobile World Congress , which was attended by representatives of the global mobile industry. It was a presentation of new smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Representatives of the Korean company managed to impress the...
  3. Z

    Is it worth updating from Galaxy S8 to Galaxy S9?

    Been debating this myself a bit. I know it's just a step up when it comes to the camera but when I think about it, I end up losing more or less the same if I update every year vs every 2 years. Taking into account how much the resell value tanks after 2 years. I mean sure, still probably better...