1. LiaPalasin26

    I am going to root my Android phone. Is there any risk during rooting and after?

    Since I first bought my Huawei P20 three months ago, I’ve done everything with it. I’ve transformed my phone into a media center, I used it in my photography projects, I also use it as my own TV remote control, and I’ve installed some of the coolest surveillance apps available. However, the one...
  2. Lazard

    How to root the Moto X Pure Edition

    Hi ! I just received a Moto X Pure Edition and, as an Android user, I'll only be satisfied when it will be rooted. Here is how I did, first some prerequisites : Download the Motorola Device Manager HERE. You need it for your phone to be recognized by your PC. Unlock your Bootloader by...
  3. Kakashi2020

    Does anyone know how to increase the RAM of an Android?

    The usual problem of Android Phones is their limited RAM. There are some hacks that can expand your ram to twice it's size. One way of doing it is by downloading a RAM Expander its a SWAP app. This will enable you to convert a part of your SD Card Memory as Expanded RAM. Any downsides doing...
  4. jelcataruc10

    Rooting your Android device?

    Hello. Newbie here! Is there anyone here using a rooted device? What would you get if you root your phone? Any opinion and advice would be appreciated!