android root

  1. masquezane01

    What's better: Kingroot or just the manual rooting process?

    I've been bothered by this question for a long time. I've gone through some research on different forums regarding the comparison of these two, but I'm not contented with most of the explanations. Can anyone here please give me a more detailed explanation addressing the advantage and...
  2. Martinsx

    What is Root?

    Root is the system to gain control of the device, which you can customize the installation to overcome barriers to high security by the manufacturer. What are the benefits of rooting machines? Root can help adjust the clock and voltage for the CPU to speed up processing or save battery, add...
  3. MihaitaFk

    Illegal & Hacking Applications?

    Are the use of certain applications illegal, and if so, why nothing is done to us Honestly i installed a few applications on my Android Mobile , just to get some coins on different games . Of course i have rooted my phone after i made that . She really helps me and I like it to use Apps. like...