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  1. harrygreen90

    How to turn off in-call volume on Samsung 10+?

    I am having trouble turning off the in-call volume on my Samsung Galaxy S10+. Can anyone please guide me through the steps to disable the in-call volume? I've tried adjusting the volume during a call, but it doesn't seem to turn off completely. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Chris Crocker

    How to turn on or off keyboard sound on Samsung smarphones

    The keyboard sound will sound as you type each key. You will sometimes find it annoying when typing or simply want to save battery when muting keyboard sound. This tutorial will guide you to turn on/off the keyboard sound on Samsung smartphones. The steps to turn off the keyboard sound on...
  3. Rodney Olson

    How to turn off automatic software updates on iPhone?

    I am having an iPhone 7s plus and I don't like software updates automatically without reminding me first. How can I turn off automatic software updates on iPhone?