samsung galaxy s10

  1. novandak

    Images from a case maker give us a first look at Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

    The smallest, cheapest model of the upcoming Galaxy S10 is expected to have a flat screen with an almost symmetrical border. All recent rumors and leaks suggest that Samsung will launch to four Galaxy S10 models in the first half of 2019. These include S10 Lite, S10 Edge, S10 Plus and S10 5G...
  2. CJacobs

    Should I get the Note 9, or just wait for the S10?

    We're only a few months away from the latest Samsung phone becoming the previous Samsung phone. I want to upgrade to something that will last me a good long while. I'm willing to put in the money for quality hardware, but I'm not made of money. The Note's got a lot of features that I'm sure make...