samsung galaxy note 9

  1. koki12346

    The best phone of 2018?

    I have read dozens of articles and found out that almost every person on those sites is saying that the best phone of 2018 is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I can say that i was quite surprised to hear that, honestly i didn't see one person in my country that has that phone.. Your thoughts?
  2. Neya

    New phone: Galaxy Note 9 or Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Hi to everyone! It's about a couple of months I want to buy a new phone (I currently have a Galaxy S5). I'm not the type of person who changes often their phone, thus my new should last at least three or four years. Eventually I came to a point where I don't know which to choose between a Note 9...
  3. CJacobs

    Should I get the Note 9, or just wait for the S10?

    We're only a few months away from the latest Samsung phone becoming the previous Samsung phone. I want to upgrade to something that will last me a good long while. I'm willing to put in the money for quality hardware, but I'm not made of money. The Note's got a lot of features that I'm sure make...