1. BillEssley

    New features are updated on iOS 13

    Recently, Apple has introduced to everyone a major update in iOS 13, creating a new look, optimizing the applications you use every day. So what are all the new features updated on iOS 13? 1. Dark Mode iOS 13 will be the first update to integrate Dark Mode, one of the features that iOS users...
  2. A

    What's the different between top end and bottom smartphone?

    what's the difference between a top end smartphone like maybe the apple iphone (I'm very ignorant, please make allowance for that) and a bottom end thing like (maybe?) the samsung J1? I am trying to discover Is it a matter of features overall or quality of those features or practicality (like...
  3. rievilla

    What do you think is the best feature of Samsung J7 pro? Please share your knowledge about this phone

    My son bought me this phone for a few months now and till now i only use a basic features that is the usual for a phone. I believe that there are best features of this phone that i am still to discover but i am not so techie. I wish for those who can see this thread to share what you experience...
  4. novandak

    Download and experience iOS 11.3 beta 2 with many attractive features

    With iOS 11.3 beta 2, many new features for the iPhone has been induced. The most prominent iPhone X users were waiting for the new Animoji. Although everyone is used to emoji, this is the first time Animoji has been updated, including lions, bears, dragons, or skulls, bringing the total number...