android games

  1. Rodney Olson

    Did you play Golf Clash game?

    I am addicted this game by it has more ways and maps to play. Have you ever play this game before? do you have any experience with this game?
  2. L

    best word games?

    Do you have any word games you are currently playing? I'm so bored! Anyways, here's some I've found worthy of playing. Pictoword Android: iOS...
  3. BillEssley

    Top 10 Hot Android Games Of 2018

    You are looking to download games to your phone, so you can relax after hours of study and stressful work. Let's check out these 10 hot games in 2018 to get more choices. 1. Command & Conquer: Rivals. With a battlefield scaled down by a smartphone screen and divided into simple hexagons, you...
  4. CyberAlchemist

    Quick and easy games for your Android smartphone?

    I am looking for a few quick and easy games to install on your Android smartphone and playing. Do you know some, please suggest names and reasons why you like them? If possible, please share link to games on Play store for Android or App Store Downloads on iTunes. I would check details...