1. BillEssley

    Hands-on Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL: Affordable price, quality camera, mid-range configuration

    The Pixel 3a can be considered as "A new wind" that Google wants to bring to the market. They include interesting smartphones and own mid-range specs because only Full HD + and Snapdragon 670 processors are available. But inside, both phones have all the features. The "premium" feature that you...
  2. monre509

    What’s the best cheap iPhone nowadays?

    I’m looking for an affordable iphone that is still very usable today? What version of iPhone do you recomment in your opinion? Is it worth buying an old verison of iphone?
  3. kathacompany

    Tablet dilemma?

    Hi i'm wondering if what model and brand of a tablet would be the a perfect girt for yourself? Any suggestions please!