1. aceofadsense

    How to restore deleted default ringtones on your smartphone

    What to do in case the phone loses its default ringtone? This is a problem many users have, both Android and iPhone users. Read the article below to see how to restore deleted default ringtones on your phone! Reasons why the default ringtone of your phone is deleted: - Android: Normally, the...
  2. BillEssley

    How to restore the original settings on Vsmart Joy 1 plus

    Restore the original settings to help you reset all phone settings to the manufacturer's default of the Vsmart Joy 1 plus. This article shared you a few small steps to do this. Before doing so, you should note: All the data on your device will be lost without being restored. So you should...
  3. Rodney Olson

    Backup and restore iPhone data using iCloud?

    I have an iPhone 7s plus, I want to backup my iPhone data using iCloud, how can I do that? to be honest, I would like to do this because I am going to replace it with iPhone 7s plus or iPhone X which is more modern and better these days. :)