power bank

  1. gearvita

    Xiaomi ZMI MF855 - A WiFi Router, Also A 7800mAh Power Bank

    The Xiaomi ZMI MF855 router power bank with a capacity of 7800mAh works primarily like any other power bank. Simply charge it at home, connect the cable and the charging device on the go. It also supports to insert SIM card and connects to the mobile internet, the connection then spreads as a...
  2. gearvita

    Xiaomi 20000mAh Power Bank Provides Sufficient Electricity on Your Journey

    Xiaomi 20000mAh power bank, water and corrosion resistant, and is perfect for everyday use. Simple design, buttons, indicator lights, and connection ports are located on one end of the power bank. Premium Li-ion battery cells add an extra 20000mAh to the battery life of your smartphone, tablet...
  3. kathness

    Best Power Bank?

    So I've been using Romoss Sense 6P and it's been good so far. It has this indicator where you would know the percentage left on your power bank. It has 20,000 mAh which is really good for heavy users. I prefer using it to charge my phone rather than directly charging my phone in a power outlet...