1. gearvita

    Kospet Hope - The World's First Ceramic Smartwatch with 3GB + 32GB Big Memory

    The Kospet Hope smartwatch features AMOLED display of 1.39 inches with 400 x 400 pixels resolution to give you crystal clear image viewing experience. You have an option to change the pre-installed watch faces or even create your own watch face. On the right side of the panel, you will find a...
  2. Kakashi2020

    Does anyone know how to increase the RAM of an Android?

    The usual problem of Android Phones is their limited RAM. There are some hacks that can expand your ram to twice it's size. One way of doing it is by downloading a RAM Expander its a SWAP app. This will enable you to convert a part of your SD Card Memory as Expanded RAM. Any downsides doing...